About Myself

In a country like ours, Malaysia, sometimes parents seem to put too much of an emphasis on their child's academic development ahead of their developments in other areas such as the arts. I've always had an interest in art from a tender age, always being impressed when I looked at pictures of magnificent monuments to human creativity and ingenuity, the Hagia Sophia, Sistine Chapel, Kremlin, and our very own Petronas Towers. My interests soon took a slightly different direction as I realised that things of beauty and wonder, may not have that beauty and wonder communicated to others if not for a skilled photographer being behind the lens being able to capture it so. And so, my love affair with photography was first seeded.

I remember always clamouring for a camera as a young boy. My parents however saw it fit to caution against my attention being split away from school. I do not blame them; they were doing only what the vast majority of Malaysian parents do for their children, in trying to prepare them for life and to succeed. I had to put my interests on hold, only for as long as I could become financially independent.

Slowly photography took a backseat as I went through life getting my qualifications and working. I did have a camera, one of those regular ones that any average Joe would have, necessary for the occasions where you need pictures. Never thought about it as anything more than that, never went out of my way to go out and take good pictures.

Then one fateful day, things changed. I remember having a drink with a couple of friends and the topic of DSLRs came up, and one of them turned to me and said “Hey Dave, weren't you interested in stuff like this? You know, photography?” Suddenly, I went back to those days and things which I had forgotten. Filled with a new impetus, I decided to save up for a proper DSLR, while in the meantime I did my research and honed up my photography skills and knowledge. I remember making road trips (dragging a friend or two along of course, sometimes against their will) for the express purpose of just going out and taking a few photos.

My parents, seeing my enthusiasm, decided to encourage me now. Finding out that I was saving up to buy a DSLR, my dad actually put up as much as I had saved so I could get a better camera, with the obligatory “You better make good use of it and not be wasting my money” speech of course. With the excitement of having new hardware, the ‘photography road trips' increased in frequency. Being more confident now I began posting my work online.

Soon, friends and family started inviting me to take pictures of them, requests to which I happily obliged. I started covering events, whenever something was going around, I'd go just so I could bring my camera along and photograph the event. Not for any particular reason other than self-satisfaction. This was my hobby, I loved doing it.

And then one day someone offered to pay me to cover an event. Amazing isn't it? Being paid for doing what you love? I certainly thought it was. That's how Dave Singh Studio got started.